Hong Kong – The Perfect City For Yoga

Yoga has made a tremendous growth in Hong Kong over the past few years, going from just small, independent trainers and studios here and there, to our current-day cult followings of Lulu Lemon or PURE Yoga. Which is no surprise, seeing as anyone who has ever lived (or still lives) in Hong Kong, will probably all agree that this urban concrete jungle is THE perfect breeding ground for stress.

With almost 10 million people in total, crammed up onto this small city, the amount of movement and momentum this city generates is absolutely astounding. With commotion happening across the city 24/7, it was only logical that a serene escape was exactly what MANY here needed.

One of the great things about Yoga is how it creates a close-knit community of participants and practitioners. With Hong Kong being such an international hub, people with different backgrounds of nationality, belief and culture come together in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment to work out the stress that everyone’s accumulated over a day or a week of stress.

There is a plethora of places for you to choose your next zen session, be it indoors or outdoors. From the lush green hilltops of Victoria Peak, to the sun-kissed beaches of Repulse Bay, there certainly isn’t a lack of a connection to nature when it comes to outdoor Yoga spots.
For those that prefer a more convenient and indoor approach, Yoga studios of different focuses and styles can be easily found amongst the thousands of high-rise buildings of Hong Kong. Maybe you’d like to give Ariel Yoga a try on the 53rd floor with a view over the city; or maybe even hot yoga in a small, enclosed and intimate basement setting.

Here at FAC, we recognise your needs for different types of Yoga, to explore the most effective way for you to achieve full relaxation and zen-state. Which is why we offer free-trials to our classes, from Ariel Yoga classes to Yoga Wheel classes. Let us know what you’d be interested in trying, and we’ll definitely do our best to accommodate you in 1 out of our 9 centres across Hong Kong!

Click the link below for your free-trial:


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