5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Finding A Personal Trainer

Here at FAC our main objective is to help all our clients to attain not just their ideal body, but also an ideal lifestyle, and we understand that sometime it can get pretty difficult doing it on your own. Check out our top 5 reasons why finding a personal trainer could be your solution.

#1 Push Through Your Limits
In order to achieve change in physical and mental health, we need to always make sure we’re doing more than what we did yesterday. In other words, we NEED progression for improvement. A personal trainer will always tell you to “hold it for one more minute” or “c’mon, give me 5 more!” just when you think you can’t get anymore. And what do you do?

You do it.

#2 Learn Something New Everytime
Personal Trainers basically LIVE in a gym, and you can’t even begin to imagine how many exercises and workouts they’ll know and be able to teach you, which is an important factor if you’re new to a gym.

Gyms like FAC will offer a free-demo/free-trial session for you to try and get familiar with the machines, and more in-depth session can help perfect your form.

#3 Accountability
This one can be important for us, especially when happy hour is calling my name. It’s much harder to justify blowing off an appointment with a personal trainer than just your own freestyling time at the gym.

#4 Proper Form and Position
One of the easiest ways to stifle results is to use poor exercise form. You can work out day-in and day-out, but unless you perform your exercises correctly, you won’t see the results you long after.

Bad form can cause a serious injury. A trainer can teach you good form and exercise habits that will last you a lifetime. Many beginners should hire a trainer for the first week, so they are taught proper exercise form from the start.

#5 Injuries & Special Needs
If you are injured and/or have a specific illness, then your doctor and trainer can work together to make sure that your training routine is effective, but safe at the same time. Working out is supposed to create better health, not impair you further.



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